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Transportation of sugar

Silo fleet has been working with regular clients for many years. The current main profile is bulk sugar transport, for which we are IFS certified.

We have 40 silo trailers available for transport. The transport activities of the business are mainly domestic, but in the last 5 years it has also been increasingly involved in import and export transport within the European Union, mainly in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia.

We transport 70-80% of Hungary's annual road transport of sugar to large international companies. Last year we delivered 102 thousand tonnes of sugar to our customers.

Our participation in special projects:

  •     In 2022, on the Germany-Romania line, we successfully contributed with 15-20 cars to the transport tasks due to the blockage of the boat transport.  
  •     In 2022, we delivered more than 13 000 tonnes of sugar from the factory to the distribution centre within 3 months.
Silo Transport Operator & Ifs Quality Coordinator:
Czifrik Judit
+36 30 415 54 14
Transportation of sugar

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