Repair service

Taking advantage of the free capacity of our repairs workshop, we conduct the servicing and repair of the vehicles of subcontractors and external customers in addition to the planned maintenance an...



When performing the tasks set out in contracts concluded, we conduct a reliable forwarding service with precise arrivals and a timely performance, in line with ISO requirements.



Internal carriage and carriage to neighbouring European Union member states


Earthwork constructions

We conduct tasks we have been assigned in our own name or as subcontractors using tipping lorries and a good number of construction machines used in civil engineering, which are owned by the compan...


Repair service

Using our diagnostics appliances, we also conduct preparation for MOT testing. Using our tyre repair appliances we also conduct tyre replacement, repair and balancing.

For Mercedes manufactured vehicles we dispose of a Star diagnosis instrument, which allows us to record the repairs carried out. As the majority of our vehicle fleet is composed of Mercedes manufactured vehicles and Schwarzmüller manufactured trailers, with respect to spare parts and tools we can conduct the servicing of these vehicles in a higher quality and with greater experience.

In addition to this, we are the contracted repair service provider of Transautomat kft. in the framework of which we repair, appraise and join KINZLE manufactured tachometers. We repair types 1311, 1314 and 1318. We install, join, activate and also conduct data downloading from type 1324 and the digital 1381.

Our repair workshop is the official contracted repairs base of the Hungarian Agency of Wabco of which we are the Western Trans-Danubian area representative. We carry out the repair and programming of vehicles and trailers equipped with these types of air systems.

Our company has been the opportunity for technical exemination of trucks and trailers since 2007 in Győrújbarát. Our technical exemination base has been working under ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance system.

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